On this page you will find key documents that current, past, and prospective members can use to become more informed about the Jaycees. These documents cover everything from Jaycee history and non-profit status to useful items for starting or presenting projects at your local chapter. More extensive libraries are available through JCI and the North Carolina Jaycees.

Available Documents

Documents are in PDF format and each opens a new tab or window.

Chapter Information

The Greensboro Junior Chamber has been in existence since 1936. It operates as a 501(c)4.

NC Jaycees History

501(c)(4) Determination letter

Original Articles of Incorporation

Amended Articles of Incorporation

Chapter Bylaws

Greensboro Jaycees Policy Document

HQ Room Reservation

Directors Job Descriptions

The board of directors is an annually elected administrative body designed to carry out the daily functions of the organization and oversee the implementation of the yearly plan of action.








Helpful Chapter Documents

These documents can help with running meetings, fundraising, planning, and creating reports.

501(c)(4) Junior Chambers




Jumpstart your Chapter

Corporate Sponsorship

CLC Guide and Overview

Chapter Plan Example

Chapter Annual Report Example

Attendance Sheet

Reimbursement Form

Member Information

Membership in the Greensboro Jaycees comes with opportunities as well as responsibilities.

New Member Orientation

Oaths of Office

Passport to Civic Leadership

Blank Project Management Guide

Active Citizen Framework

Member Development Plan

Project Management Guides

The Project Management Guide or “PMG” is the cornerstone of the Junior Chamber. It is a template akin to a business plan that helps members plan, implement, measure, and evaluate projects that improve themselves and their communities.

Wine Festival Project

Urban Ministries Dinner

Inclusion and Diversity Summit

Bags to Wishes Project

KidsMas Miracle Project

Networking Event Project