Member Spotlight – Sam Collier

Sam has been a member of the Greensboro Jaycees since March 2018.

Q&A with Sam

What made you join the Greensboro Jaycees?

“Joining the Jaycees was suggested to me by a family friend after I had expressed interest in wanting to find a young professionals network in Greensboro. I had previously never heard of them, but found the website and decided to go to a membership meeting. My first impression was that the structure reminded me a lot of the Professional Business Fraternity that I joined while in college, and I certainly had gained a lot from that experience, and felt that the Jaycees wold give me an opportunity to continue that development.”

What Jaycees initiatives are you involved in?

“Since joining I have volunteered with both the Wine Festival as well as the Bags To Wishes Cornhole tournament, and have recently decided to try to be elected to one of committees dedicated to social outreach. I am also putting on a (hopefully recurring) educational event in Mid-November in the form of a first time home buyers seminar. I work in the mortgage industry so I feel as though I have the ability to help young professionals understand the mortgage and homebuying process better, as well as equip them with the tools they need to be a more informed buyer. Buying a house is, for most, the biggest purchase of their life, but it seems that many don’t get the proper education to have a smooth qualification process. I want to use my platform to change that.”

Is there anything else you want to share about yourself or the Greensboro Jaycees?

“Being a native of Greensboro, most of my friends moved to different cities after graduating college. I think compared to a Charlotte or Raleigh, young people in Greensboro may feel a bit isolated. One of the great things about both the Jaycees and SynerG is dispelling the myth that Greensboro cant compete with other cities when it comes to what it can offer for young people. I think when you factor in its population and affordability, it is one of the best kept secrets around. And as we recruit more young people to the area, its great to have the infrastructure already in place to retain them.”

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