Board Member Spotlight – Brandon Hunter

Brandon has been a member of the Greensboro Jaycees for 5 years.

Q&A with Brandon

What made you join the Greensboro Jaycees?

I wanted to join a nationally recognized organization that focused on impacting the community in 3 major ways (volunteerism, community involvement and professional development)

What made you want to get involved with the board?

I saw the momentum and great energy/content that previous board members were creating and when the opportunity presented itself for me personally to impact the Greensboro Jaycees, I jumped at the chance to get on the board

What’s the biggest thing you’re hoping to get out of being on the board?

It’s funny you ask that, when I originally joined the board my thoughts were to just be the treasurer for a couple of years and head up some cool projects but when I was nominated for president that immediately changed.  I know this may sound cheesy but it kind of reminded me of Rick on Season 1 & 2 of the Walking Dead, where he was basically thrust into the leadership role.  My thoughts ever since then has been to have an active hand in rebranding the Jaycees and having an active hand of repositioning us within the overall ecosystem of young professional groups.  Beyond that it was made clear to me quickly when I surveyed the landscape of young professional groups that there was/is a lack of black presence in leadership roles.  This provides an opportunity for me to show black leadership in young professional organizations along with giving me a constant reminder to keep prospecting for more young black future young professional leaders

Is there anything else you want to share about yourself or the Greensboro Jaycees?

Yes, I’m a Financial Advisor here in town and I’ve been doing that for 5 years, I can help you identify your goals and dreams and develop a plan that addresses these needs and gets you started on the path to financial security….so give me a call

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